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FAQs about AccountRight 2019 - Multiple Users

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FAQs about AccountRight 2019 - Multiple Users

AccountRight 2019 allows everyone to be able to use Multiple Users across the different AccountRight products (Basics, Standard, Plus & Premier) for those who work Online or Offline. We often get a lot of questions around what can be done with Multiple Users and how it works. I have collected a list of the most frequently asked questions around this and answered them in this post.


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Feel free to also check out our Help Article for how to set up Users: Set up user access



The FAQs:


Q. Do I have to create to create multiple User ID's for all Users?


A. The software will allow the same login details to be used to login in at the same time. Though this can cause confusion when you check your Audit reports as it will show as if the same User is doing all the work. It is recommended to have an individual User ID for everyone for this reason.



Q. How many Users can I have in AccountRight 2018?


A. We do not limit the number of Users you can have on your file or limit the number of users who can work on the file at the same time. Though note if you do have say 20 people using the file at the same time, there can be some slower effects.



Q. What happens when 2 or more users try and enter a Sale at the same time?


A. The software is designed to allow for multiple users to try entering data together, there are some checks that the software will make to allow for each user to save their information without stepping on each others toes with duplicate reference numbers or "You cannot open this as x user has this open" messages.


For Example: If each user has clicked "Enter Sales" at the same time, they might all see the same reference number at that stage (As this will have been free when they all clicked it), but when they click record it will record each one with the next reference number to avoid duplicates.



Q. How do I have Multiple Users if I work offline?


A. You would need to install the Server Edition of AccountRight so that you can share the files in your Library with others.


To set this up, you can check out these Help Articles:



Q. How can I manage who can log into my file?


A. This can be done by going to: Setup > User Access


Here you can see which Users are active and make changes here (If you are an Administrator).


If you are online, you can click "Manage Online Access" on the top of the window to see what email addresses can be used to sign in also. You can deep dive into this part on this Help Article: Set a user's online access level



Q. How can I control what my Users can see?


A. This is determined by the User Roles, you can assign a role that best suits them or create your own custom one with the relevant access levels. You can deep dive into this on this Help Article: Set up roles



Q. How do I stop my employees from seeing the Bank Account balance when entering information?


A. When setting up your Users roles there is a place under the Manage Roles section to turn this off:

Manage Roles > Accounts > Show Bank Account Balances:



Disabling this on the assigned role for your User will stop showing them the Balance field when they enter some information (Note if they can access the Accounts List, this privilege won't be very effective)



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