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FAQs about AccountRight 2019 - Pay Superannuation (PaySuper)

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FAQs about AccountRight 2019 - Pay Superannuation (PaySuper)

AccountRight 2019 comes with a service that allows you to pay your superannuation obligations directly through your software. The service is called PaySuper.


We often receive questions surrounding PaySuper such as "How long does it take to process?", "How do I pay Contractors using MYOB Pay Super?". I have collected our most frequently asked questions and answer them below.


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Feel free to also check out our Help Article: Make superannuation payments



The FAQs:


Q. How long does it normally take before the superfunds receive the payment?


A. It can typically take up to 4-5 business days before the funds receive the payments, however depending on processing times both with banks and how the super funds display the payments, it can take up to 10 business days before it displays with the fund.


I go into more detail of why it takes so long on my reply to this Forum Post: Super Payment


If you have waited over 10 days for the funds to arrive, do let us know by Starting a new Post.



Q. Why can't I see my employee in the Pay Superannuation window?


A. An Employee will show in the Pay Superannuation window if:

  • Their Superfund was ticked to pay using AccountRight
  • They have accrued Superannuation on a Pay in your selected period
  • The Superannuation Accrual was a Superannuation Type Payroll Category and not Employer Expenses
  • The Superannuation wasn't already paid with the Pay Liabilities window or Pay Superannuation

If you check that they were paid superannuation and from the right type of Category, then just double check the Superfund by going to Lists > Superannuation funds and open that Fund to check the tickbox on the right hand side.


Here is a good help article that can help you through this: Troubleshooting Pay Super payments



Q. Why am I getting a Red Cross when I try and Pay Super?


A. A red cross means that AccountRight has found a problem with the setup of your Employee or Superfund data. If you click onto the line that has the Red Cross, it normally shows a new Red Cross in a field it had the problem with. If you then hover over this, it should let you know why it had a problem.


The most common reasons are due to information missing from either the Employee Cards or the Superfund Information. This help article will take you through what AccountRight needs to check before paying your superannuation: Check super fund and employee details



Q. An Employee's superannuation has returned to me, what should I do?


A. The first thing to do would be to find out why it was sent back. If you don't know, it's best to contact the fund that sent the amount back and correct this in your software before trying to re-process it.


Once you fixed this up, you just need to follow: Reversing and reprocessing superannuation payments



Q. How can I delete a Pending Payment in my Manage Payments window?


A. At this time AccountRight does not allow you to delete/hide transactions in the Manage Payments window. Though if you don't go and authorise these payments, they won't be taken from your account.


To see this feature in the future, we suggest to show your support to the Idea on our AccountRight Ideas Exchange



Q. Where do I go to change my PaySuper; Login, Phone Number, Bank Account, Limit or authorisers?


A. Depending on what you need to change, you may be able to do this in the software. You can find instructions on how to do this on our help article: Changing your Pay Super payment details



Q. I have sub-contractors I need to pay Superannuation for, how can I do this with Pay Super?


A. MYOB PaySuper will only detect Superannuation to pay from any Pays you have processed with Employee Cards. What you can do is create employee cards for the sub-contractors and process a VOID paycheque with Super so you can pay their Superannuation without it affecting other Expense accounts.


You can see Neil's reply to this thread for the full details: Super for sub-contractors in PaySuper



Q. I have amounts showing in my Pay Superannuation window that I have already paid, how can I remove them?


A. You can do this by using the Pay Liabilities window, see: Removing paid amounts from the Pay Liabilities window

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