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Preparing the file and environment for the upgrade

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Preparing the file and environment for the upgrade

Hi Everyone,


There are some changes with the new AccountRight that require some preparations before upgrading. There are some transactions that should be processed before upgrading and there are also some special precautions to look into before the Upgrade such as the File Size and also what type of network you are running.


Things to check:



It's best to ensure your file is as small as possible before upgrading to the new AccountRight. To check what your current file size is, open the Company Data Auditor to see:




We typically recommend files to come across to be around 300MB or less. Larger files can encounter some performance troubles with the new Software. To look into some options, we have made 2 posts with some steps that you can follow: 


If your file is still fairly large after purging, you may want to consider only testing the Migration before committing by upgrading a copy of your file and seeing how the performance will be, you can use this in parallel to your working file in the previous software to see how well this file will perform if it were to be upgraded. This may save you some headaches before going forward.


You can look into the steps on that found on this Forum Thread: Testing the migration from Premier to AccountRight


If the performance is lacking or the file size won't shrink below 500MB, you may want to consider creating a new file for use in the new software with only the most recent and relevant information. You can continue using your older software and file to report and view older information


To look into this option you might like to look over this Forum Thread: What's involved in starting a new business file?



The new AccountRight uses a different way to share files to other computer using indexed locations known as Libraries. This may require some changes to your environment to allow multiple computers to connect to each other.


To look into these, check out these support notes:


Have a question? Feel free to Start a Post and the Community will be happy to help.



In the new AccountRight, we have now built an API to allow 3rd party connections to the MYOB database. As this no longer uses ODBC, this will require changes to the 3rd party programs that you had integrated before.


We recommend that you be in touch with their Support Teams to confirm if your external software will work with the new AccountRight.


You can look into the AccountRight API on our Developer Centre.


Please note that we have also changed the Import File structure in the New AccountRight. You can read up on the new Import Fields, we recommend reading these support notes:


Using MYOB Payroll (New Zealand)?


You will need to make a slight change on your method of integration. See our support notes:

Having any troubles? Feel free to Start a new Post with your troubles and the Community will be happy to help.


Using MYOB RetailManager?


You would need to make a change with your Accounting Export settings when you move to the New Software. You can look into this by checking out this support note: Accounting export from RetailManager


Having any troubles? Feel free to Start a new Post with your troubles and the Community will be happy to help.





Once you've read through the checklist, feel free to double check the the Cheat Sheet to ensure you're all ready and then Start the Upgrade.

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