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Reprinting or resending a Payment Summary

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Reprinting or resending a Payment Summary

Hi Everyone,


A common question we get is how to Reprint or Resend a Payment Summary after rolling over the Payroll Year. In to do this, we have 2 options:

  • Find a saved copy of the Payment Summaries on the computer.
  • Restore a backup taken before the Payroll Year was closed.


Using Essentials? You can just re-do the Payment Summaries in the PAYG Payment Summary Centre for prior years as needed. Just go to: Payroll > PAYG Payment Summaries and choose your Financial Year.


Looking to amend the Summary? See our forum post: Payment Summary Amendments


Here's what to do for both:


Find a saved copy of the Payment Summaries on the computer:


When reviewing the Payment Summaries, this gives users the ability to save the Payment Summaries as PDF copies onto the computer. This way you can always re-print or re-send these copies at any date afterwards.


Simply go to where you have saved the PDF's and print or send from there:



Don't remember where they're saved? The default locations are saved here:

PC Edition: C:\Users\<>\Documents\MYOB\AccountRight\201x.x\Payment Summaries

Server Edition: C:\Users\Public\Documents\MYOB\AccountRight\201x.x\Payment Summaries


Didn't save them from before? If you have emailed the Payment Summaries to your employees you may be able to search your Sent Items in Outlook to find the PDF sent. If you used Online Emailing or cannot find an email, you will need to restore a backup copy of the file and re-prepare the Payment Summaries. See below for details.



Restore a backup taken before the Payroll Year was closed:


Generally there are 2 steps involving taking a backup in the End of Year processes, both at the final step of the Payment Summary assistant and a Backup prompt when closing the year.


Steps involved:

1. Go to: File > Restore.

2. Browse for the backup file on your storage device.

3. Enter a new name for the file, like "Payment Summaries FY2018":


4. Restore and Sign onto the file.

5. Re-run through the Payment Summaries again.

6. When you have generated the Payment Summaries again, save the PDF copies for later.

When you're done, just open your working file and continue as normal. You can leave this file on your computer should you need to return for any amendments


If you want to delete this file when complete, just follow this support note: Manage libraries


Don't have a backup to restore from? We have a few things we can try here, check out this post: Running previous year Payment Summary without a backup (This is coming...)



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