Just very unclear and unhelpful service

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Just very unclear and unhelpful service

Hello everyone,


All users should note that MYOB does NOT have an effective way of migrating data from one subscription over to a new one (i.e. if you upgrade). This means any data manually lodged into your MYOB account will have to be re-entered into your new MYOB subscirption platform - which honestly is such a rediculous concept given that we are living in the 2000's. 

After starting a trial, and wanting to start the subscription at the months end, I was informed that there was no possible way of migrating all the data I had entered (over a years worth of payroll for 3 employees) into the subscription I wanted as it was apperently 'a downgade subscription'. After 3 different calls, and speaking to 4 or 5 different MYOB staff, all of whom had a different perspective on the issue (some saying it could be done, others saying I'd have to pay for a higher subscript to do it) - nothing was resolved.


So I am left with 2 options. 1) start a new subscription for my company on the MYOB payroll essentials and RE-ENTER over years worth of data manually - with NO OPTION to then upgrade that account to a higher subscription AND keep all my data.... or 2) Pay for a higher subscription which I dont currently need or want in the off chance something may change down the line.


Basically, I felt that each employee I spoke to was just trying to push a new subscription onto me to make a higher sale.


How in the world do they not have the technicaly capabilities or technical SUPPORT to be able to have multiple MYOB platofrms/subscriptsion options that can in NO WAY talk to each other and transfer data across..?


Come on MYOB, you should be able to do better than this.


After all that, I think it would be better to just cancel the subscrption and perform all the payroll through excel - which is seeming like a more viable option than this junk.



Very unhappy an unimpressed

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Re: Just very unclear and unhelpful service

Hi @CZ844 


Thank you for your feedback. I’m sorry you experienced inconsistent service and input from the team.  Migration options vary based on which version of the software you have and which one you move to.  As Essentials and AccountRight are different platforms they do not speak to each other, therefore, not all information can be moved from one to the other. This being said I understand that this has disrupted your work flow and caused issues for you.


Please accept my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.  If you have any other inquiries feel free to utilize the community forum.


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