Bank Feeds Window - Would like the ability to hide multiple transactions (not just one at a time)

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In the Bank Feeds window, I would like the ability to hide multiple transactions (not just one at a time).  This would be a great feature if not available.  Can anyone assist in this regard?

Current Status: Under consideration

Thank you for your suggestion @A-Snax We're always interested to here how we can improve your workflow. Anyone who would like to be able to select multiple bank feed transactions at once to be hidden, please cast your vote here.

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Hello Jeanette @JeanetteP

Firstly, I am sorry if my reply caused you offence. I was only trying to assist you in doing a reconciliation in the most efficient manner. Of course you are entitled to do it any way that suits you.

Secondly, I have always felt that there needs to be a way to bulk hide transactions and this should have been actioned by MYOB some time ago.





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I  have bank feeds from years ago that i need to clear and start again, can I do this?

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I can't believe this hasn't been implemented, it's been nearly 3 years!!  To hide multiple transactions with one click of the button would be a huge timesaver.  Also if the transactions were automatically hidden after a reconciliation date would be helpful.

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Why is this issue still under review after 3 years, why hasn't it been implemented.?  You should also be able to delete them not just hide them.  You can always manually add if delete by mistake or have a message pop up 'are you sure you want to delete".


This is just another basic feature MYOB doesn't have.  I find this software so frustrating after using many accounting softwarepackages over the years this has got to be the one that I find so painful to use when trying to enter data and run reports. 

Bank Feeds Window - Would like the ability to hide multiple transactions (not just one at a time)





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Why is this still under consideration????? Why hasn't it been implemented.?   MYOB save a lot of money by having their users test and fix thier software issues by using this blog the least they could do is implement the suggetions to make their software  more efficient and user friendly for their CLIENTS to use.


If this issue has been impletmented since 2014 I can't find the answer after many searhes and readingh other user comments.


If you are looking for a faster way to hide transactions , you might find this helpful depending om how you like to use keyboard and mouse.

I right clck mouse over transaction then hit  'H'.


MYOB do not automatically underline alpha short cut keys or provide short cut key options beside their menu options.  If you do want to look for a shortcut key option hit the alt key and usually a letter will be _ to be used either by itself or with alt +