Bank Feeds Window - Would like the ability to hide multiple transactions (not just one at a time)

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In the Bank Feeds window, I would like the ability to hide multiple transactions (not just one at a time).  This would be a great feature if not available.  Can anyone assist in this regard?

Current Status: Under consideration

Last Changed: October 2014

Thank you for your suggestion @A-Snax We're always interested to here how we can improve your workflow. Anyone who would like to be able to select multiple bank feed transactions at once to be hidden, please cast your vote here.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @prontonz


Thank you for sharing your experiences and voting for this ideal.

Currently this idea has been marked as Under Consideration as something that we are still investigating for future releases. At this point in time we don't have a direct time frame for when this idea will be marked for development and implemented into the program. However we are still encouraging other users that would like to see this idea added to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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This should be an easy software addition on your end MYOB, make it happen please. There are many of us who don't usually post our grievences on forums who are hiding transactions one-by-one after a bank feed was activated but not used immediately. I am so frustrated by this that I have posted a comment on a MYOB forum for the first time!

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Just got back on subsription only to be able to use bank feed. Now I have hundreds of transactions (already reconciled) appears on the bank feed that need to be hidden. This feature is supposed to save time! This has been suggested since 2014 and still has not been done. Anyone who knows how to develop software would know this is a very simple thing to do. PLEASE add it on.

Also another related suggestion is to add a date range filtering to the bank feed window.


If I can't hide bank feed transactions in bulk in the next software release, I'll have to cancel my subscription.

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Can MYOB please give us an update whether you are actually working on the bulk removal of bank feed transactions - this is a no brainer.

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Ive just been informed by support@bankfeeds, that customers with an essentials MYOB can have miltiple bank feeds deleted on request.


Id like to know why, this function isnt support with Plus or Premier when the subscirption is higher? 


Im now left with deleting singular bank feed transactions for 3 accounts manually. 


Multiple delete function would be fantastic right about now Smiley Very Happy

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Hi @Director_Bodhi

MYOB Essentials doesn't have the option to delete or hide bank transactions. individually or in bulk. For this reason we do have the option for clients using MYOB Essentials that would like to delete their bank feeds transaction to indicate what feed dates that they would like to delete from and to. 

Currently this is not a feature in AccountRight and you would need to hide the transactions individually. This particular idea has been suggested to allow for those bank feed transactions to be hid in bulk. At this stage we don't have a time frame for when this particular idea will be placed into development and implemented into the program.

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It's a no brainer - been a long time since i've seen a screen/page designed that can have thousands of records but no bulk clear/hide/delete function....



Let's party like it's 1984 LOL

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Apparently the much needed feature has still not been taken up - yes, once bank reconciles do not need to see the unmatched transactions as reasonable to conclude they've been entered manually.


I totally agree with @karlshomegarden ..and @katexbox. once the transactions are reconciled, there is no need to see them in the bank feed.  I only need to see ones that I haven't reconciled as i am sure others do too. 


I am currenlty wasting time going through and hiding copious transactions one by one up to my current reconciliation date.  Frustrating.


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The bank has downloaded transactions of 2 years before starting I now have to hide each one?

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Hi @Sillabil


MYOB will collate and send through bank feed transactions from when the bank approves the application. This does mean that if you don't select to get transactions they are stored up until you get select that option. If those older transactions are not required they would need to be hidden individually via right clicking on the bank transaction and selecting Hide transaction.


This particular idea on the AccountRight Idea Exchange has been suggested to allow the ability to hide transactions in bulk as oppose to individually.