Purchases: Purchase No. - extended character limit (8)

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Why is the purchase order number field only 8 digits, yet the invoice number is longer?  It is annoying when entering purchase orders that are longer as they get cut off after 8 digits.  Can this be fixed to enable longer purchase orders to be entered?

"entering purchase order numbers"


Current Status: Under consideration

Thanks for the excellent suggestion. Anyone else who would like to see the purchase order number field on purchases extended beyond 8 characters, please cast your vote here. Our development team will consider this suggestion. In the meantime Sainter, one work-around is to record the last 8 digits of your purchase order as the purchase order number in AccountRight, then adding the full extended purchase order number onto the end of the journal memo. To search for purchases by the extended purchase order number, go to find transactions and click the accounts tab. Select search by ‘all accounts, then click advanced filters. Enter the extended purchase order number in the Memo/Payee field and click OK.

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Agreed and have voted

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Purchase order number increase number of characters to 15 not 8