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Unpaid invoice reminder notice

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In MYOB essentials, having a tab/button on invoices that have past the due date allowing a single click "late notice" to be sent would be very helpful.  Or even an option to send reminder notices every xxx days automatically.  This could be a simple one off form or (even better) a form that could be customised along with the invoices themselves in the options menu.  In some circumstances the ability to add a late fee dollar amount or % would be useful.


I look forward to an update if possible, I would assume others may share this view too.



Current Status: Under consideration

Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for the suggestion @DesignGuru Anyone else who would like to see the ability to send reminder notices to overdue customers, please vote for this idea.

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Just being able to add overdue invoice totals to new invoices, or have overdue invoices attached to new invoices would be great......