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9 months ago

Fetch recently created budget thrugh API

I created this budget in the budget management  and I need to fetch these data to be used for cash flow analysis in our application. 

I found the Account Budget api at  `` but the data i got in this endpoint is not the data of that budget i created. in fact, even if I delete that `Test budget` I still get these data (see file attached).

Also, if this is the only way, can somebody guide me how should I customize the data to fetch e.g. Jan 2023 to Dec 2023  or just june 2023, etc...

As I check at the api documentation for accountbudget endpoint, no specific instruction how to add query arguments to this specific endpoint.

Thank you in advanced.


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  • Hello there, has anyone can confirm if a way to get the  budgets data created in Reporting > Budget Management  is possible  ?