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2 months ago

Bulk Change in Account Numbers


We've recently realised that quite a number of our transactions have been posted to the wrong account number.

The problem is, within that account number, there are other types of transactions.

For example, within the Printing & Stationery account number, we've got:



etc etc.

We'd like to move all Fuji expenses out of Printing & Stationery and into Leasing.


Is there a way that MYOB can sort through the transactions and do a bulk transfer to the Leasing Account Number?


Hope my query makes sense!

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    Hi FTA123


    Absolutely, your query makes sense! In MYOB, you can use the 'Find Transactions' feature to locate all the Fuji expenses. Once you've found them, you can change the account number for each transaction to 'Leasing'. However, MYOB doesn't currently support a bulk change feature for account numbers, so you'll need to update each transaction individually. Therefore, I would rather recommend posting this feature on our MYOB Business Idea Exchange board for consideration. Let me know if you have other queries!



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    Have you tried find and recode, depending on which version you are using. 

    It brings up all the transactions in the category you can then select all that need to be recoded and type once the new code that you want the transactions to be in.