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6 years ago

2019 Individual Income Tax return lodgement error CMN.ATO.IITR.730001


We recently attempted to lodge a 2019 Individual Income Tax return with a Work Related Car expense claim.

The software requires us to make a log book claim using schedule MVE 'Motor Vehicle Expneses Worksheet', which then automatically integrates to the new schedule DS 'Deductions scheduel (DDCTNS)', which in turn automatically integrates to D1 in the tax return. As such the figues should in theory all be the same.

The return is then successfully 'completed' within MYOB AE Tax.

The ATO however is rejecting the lodgement of the return and is providing the error code / message as:
Code: CMN.ATO.IITR.730001
Summary: Work related car expenses amount is incorrect
Details: The work related car expenses must equal the sum of all car expense amounts claimed in the attached Deductions schedule.

As we have no control over, or ability to manually alter, the amounts integrating into schedule DS and D1 as they come from the schedule MVE how do we fix the return so it will lodge?


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    6 years ago

    Hi AaronWood,


    for clients who had downloaded prior to and including the 3rd, there was an rounding issue with Cents per km calcuations on the D1 field - and was corrected with a hotfix (it's the reason why we had to delay the release (we had intended to get it out on the Tuesday of that week) - some clients had downloaded early.


    looking at the list of things our development team have identified and worked in since the 2019.0 release, it looks like it has been addressed for Logbook rounding as well - and should be in the 2019.0a release which is due out in the next few weeks.



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      I posted the same problem a couple of days ago.

      Sorry, but your work-around does not apply to this problem - It's D1, not D4

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        Hi AaronWood  and RPD 


        can you please advise :


        • are you using the Cents per km method for calcuation; and
        • what date you downloaded tax 2019.0 / 5.4.32 release.


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      Hi MattN 

      Our error relates to D1 rather than D4.

      The integration between MVE, DS and D1 doesn't appear to be working from the ATO's point of view (but we can 'complete' the return).

      I note that in DS at the Logbook method disclosure "Gross amount excl. deprecation" is a figure which appears to be automatically calculated by taking the figure at "D1 total (includes c/km amount & business % for logbook method)" and then grossing it up by the private use % less the "Gross Depreciation" amount disclosed to arrive at a figure.

      The figure in our case included cents. Yet in the schedule MVE all amounts are whole dollars. As such there is a mismatch between the gross amounts disclosed in MVE (logbook method) and the two disclosure points for the gross amounts in DS (logbook method).

      I can't see any other differences that may trigger the rejection by the ATO and the error code CMN.ATO.IITR.730001.

      Or do we simply need to remove any figure in MVE relating to "Repair expenses" and include them in say "Other"? ie. is the issue the disclosure point "Repair expenses" in MVE?

      Thanks for your help.


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    We had the same error come up today for a client using the logbook method at D1. The motor vehicle was in the depreciation worksheet and was integrating into D1 automatically for the depreciation amount.


    Our work around was to remove the integration from the depreciation worksheet, input all of the motor vehicle expenses in the MV worksheet as their apportioned amount (we just multiplied the gross amount with the logbook percentage and input that) and recorded the logbook percentage as 100%. Obviously percentage is wrong but the deduction amount is correct.


    Not ideal but it fixed the error for lodgment.