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5 years ago

PDF Manager Preview


One (only one) of our users is experiencing an odd issue where there is no verticle scroll bar in the 'PDF Preview Bar'.

PDF manager works fine otherwise but it makes it difficult for the user to work with multiple pages.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • The end result required the complete removal and recreateion of the user profile to resolve this issue.

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  • Hi David-LMCA 


    This issue can occur in earlier versions of PDF Manager when the PDF Manager program is auto started during windows login.


    To resolve please upgrade to PDF Manager version 1.8 which is available from the my.myob website.   


    For more information please refer to KB0019045 - Slide ruler is missing and/or unable to untick a page -






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      Hi Nicky,

      We are already running v1.8.  This only affects one user (out of 45) on any of our 4 Citrix servers.

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        Hi David-LMCA 


        There is no reason for it to behave differently for one user.    The only suggestion is to clear their PDF Manager preferences by deleting their Mcpconfiguration.xml file per KB -


        If this doesn't resolve you may need to look at recreating their Citrix profile.