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2 months ago

Tax reports permissions

We have a custom tax report under reports- report list - tax 2023, also 2022 and 2021


I am a superuser and reports run ok for me, however I have a basic user that needs to run the reports - can you advise what settings I need to change under Maintenance Tasks permissions to give them access


I am assuming I start with Product - Tax then selecting the group


I have tried this and it says all reports are accessible.


Thank you

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    thank you Syed1  I have contacted support - it looks like it might be an issue with team security applied to certain clients - I have downloaded the spreadsheet that I need to extract which clients are effected from the data base and am waiting on our it provider to help me run it.

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      Hi Earl_HD that unfortunately did not work - the two staff members involved have permissions under tax for all maintenance and all smart report tasks and still can't generate the report.


      They also signed out and back into MYOBAE before they tried.


      I don't really want to give everyone in the office superuser permissions as I can't find the specific section.



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        Hi sambennett


        Can you please check the security group task permissions which the user is in as per below:

        Maintenance>Maintenance Map>Security>Task Permissions>Select Tax from Product drop down>Select Group which employee is assigned to>Smart Reports and tick all smart reports from there.


        If still an issue, please contact support at 1300 555 117, Ext 3.




        Practice Support Analyst