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10 years ago

Hi all,


From today you need a PIN to verify credit cards instead of a signature. Is your business ready?


PayDirect is a mobile application that allows you to take payments through your smartphone. Once you have the merchant facility, you can take credit card payments (chip or magnetic stripe) using the PayDirect application and Bluetooth Reader.


The video below provides a great introduction, but you can also find out more at the PayDirect website. You might have also seen or heard the advertisements that we’re currently running, which showcase some of the businesses that are already benefiting from being able to accept payments while on the go.





The final preparations are currently being made for our MYOB Partner Connect 2014 conferences, which kick off in Wellington on August 8 before touring around Australia.


More than 800 bookkeepers and certified consultants have already registered for Partner Connect so we would encourage all MYOB Partners to get in quick to confirm attendance. The events include presentations from MYOB CEO Tim Reed as well as other MYOB executives. In New Zealand the event will be hosted by Katheren Leitner, while Anne Fulwood will be the host in Australia.


Meanwhile, it’s been another extremely busy week on the Community Forum. Over 1300 posts have been made, including over 450 from MYOB staff. We also welcomed over 450 new members. Great to have you all join us!


Our top contributors this week were ronatbas, PaulBihet, PHalls, jenniek and camatis. Many thanks for all your hard work assisting other community members. Extra thanks to PHalls, ronatbas, PaulBihet and DuncanS who all had multiple posts marked as Solutions.


Thank you to all those community members who have recently shared their expertise on the Community Forum. Please let me know if you ever need any assistance in getting the most from the forum.


Love your work,


Jason Hill

Community Manager 

Published 10 years ago
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