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Forum weekly update #90

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10 years ago

Hi all,


I’d like to start this week's update by thanking everyone for contributing to the ongoing success of the Community Forum. We had a record-breaking month in July, with over 100,000 visitors and over 7700 posts. We also welcomed over 3000 new members.


Now that the busy end of financial year period in Australia is over for most people, it has been a little quieter here on the Community Forum. However, we still welcomed another 420 new members to the community last week and over 1170 posts were made, including 480 from MYOB staff.


Our top contributors this week were PaulBihet, ronatbas, The_Doc, camatis and jenniek. Well done also to PaulBihet, PHalls and ronatbas who had multiple posts marked as Accepted Solutions. Ron “ronatbas” Boulton has been prolific on the Community Forum over a long period, and I hope you all enjoy getting to know him a little better by reading our recent interview.


A huge thanks to all those community members who shared their knowledge, wisdom and expertise on the forum last week. Sharing knowledge is also at the heart of a new initiative designed to help Australian businesses grow and succeed. Start Up Australia, which is sponsored by MYOB, offers a world-first Entrepreneur Academy free of charge to anyone thinking of starting their own business.


Top Australian entrepreneurs will mentor and inspire participants during an online five-day conference, where 50 of Australia’s business leaders will give away their secrets for success, and a 12-week free Small Business MBA will provide a step-by-step how-to guide. Up to one million businesses will receive free educational tools and regular webinars to educate them on how to succeed in the marketplace.


MYOB CEO and start-up advocate Tim Reed said Start Up Australia would provide solid assistance in educating and supporting today’s budding entrepreneur and help improve the alarming insolvency rate of new businesses. “We know it takes courage, hard work and determination to start and run a business and the rising rate of insolvency shows how much encouragement today’s potential entrepreneur needs to move a business idea into reality,” says Tim. “Start Up Australia’s Entrepreneur Academy, combined with the right tools and resources such as online accounting software, can certainly help.”


Love your work,


Jason Hill

Community Manager 

Published 10 years ago
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