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3 years ago

Leads broken?

Today I received 12 emails for one (1) lead in my inbox
I went to 'my success' on the partner dashboard as instructed


Guess what?

No lead there - no contact info, can't contact the client


Tried to call MYOB today - 3 times, horrendous wait time (as we would imagine), but worst of all, no-one understood what I was talking about and kept transferring the call

Anyone having any issue with leads in their 'my success' area of partner?

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  • Hi JThyer 


    I'm not aware of any significant situations with leads not appearing within the My Success portal. 

    I would recommend ensuring that you are selecting My Leads & Activities when logged in and that you have updated the Filter to be All Open Leads and not set to be another set of filters.


    If you are still encountering that situation, it is recommended that you do get in contact with our phone-based team on 1300 555 117 as those leads can expire if not actioned within a time period.

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      Thanks Steven
      I did get in touch with the team twice
      The first time, the operator didn't know what a lead was
      The second call the person didn't know what My Success was

      It's pretty frustrating as the issue is still unresolved and the lead I received is still not showing up in my 'My Success' Leads area

      I checked the filter is set to All Open Leads - thanks for that

      It would be great if I could get an answer to this

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        Former Staff

        Hi JThyer 


        Apologies for the delay in coming back to you with regards to this one.

        I've reached out to a member of the team that does look after that. To assist further to look further it why that lead didn't appear, we'll need to get the name and email address that was listed in the lead. - a screenshot of the actual email would be ideal. This can be sent through as a private message.