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2 years ago

AccountRight odbc connection using cData and developer client secret

Two questions please..


1. Has anyone had success using cData to connect to the MYOB AccountRight cloud database?

2. How can I get a developer ID and client secret so I can use MYOB API's.


Thanks in advance.

Ian Cook


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      Thanks Mike.


      Really appreciate the quick reply,.

      I am familiar with xero's api's but was hoping to avoid the learning curve with myob's api's.


      I applied for a myob developer account a few weeks ago but have not heard anything since.

      Have reapplied this morning.


      Have not been able to get cData working. Myob always responds invalid request.


      Have tried contacting myob support, but after an hour of waiting I did not see their reply in the support chat so was disconnected.
      Very frustrating right now.








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        Hi IanCook , applications since pre Christmas appear to have been held over to 2023, which may explain the delay.