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6 years ago

Connection error for AccountRight



I am having trouble that when logining into my AccountRight online file on my laptop at home where I am getting a connection error.  (see attached)


Yet when I use the same laptop at work (both on WIFI) there is no issues.


I have tried resetting my internet connection and turning off norton virus projection but no change.





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    6 years ago

    Hi Craigrjh 


    Sorry for the late reply.


    From the Diagnostic Log I can see that the software can't seem to resolve the Domain Name which suggests a DNS error.


    If there was a issue with the DNS cache on the computer that could explain it. I'd recommend clearing the DNS cache on the computer to see how this goes.


    Resetting the Modem can flush it's own DNS cache which can solve similar errors.


    To Flush the DNS

    1. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard
    2. Type in: cmd
    3. In the list of results, right-click on cmd.exe and choose Run as Administrator
    4. A command prompt window should appear
    5. At the flashing cursor, type in: ipconfig/flushdns
    6. Hit Enter on your keyboard and a confirmation message should be displayed - If not, retry steps 4-5 and ensure the command is typed correctly
    7. After the confirmation message, close the window
    8. Close AccountRight then re-open the software


    Keep me posted on how you go.

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    Easily fixed in the end.   Just reset by router and internet connection then all fixed.

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    Thought that had fixed the problem but only allowed me to log into one company file (random!).   Any suggestions for what needs to be changed on my internet settings?  Or other?

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      MYOB Product Team

      Hi Craigrjh 


      Connection Errors are fairly generic and can have multiple causes. We can narrow down what might be the cause here by having a look into the Diagnostic Log.


      Could you please try bringing up the error again, then after it's open it should capture the details in the Log so we can find out why it's failing.


      To find the Diagnostic Log:
      1. Open your Start Menu
      2. Type: %localappdata%
      3. Open the %localappdata% folder:
      4. Open the MYOB Folder.
      5. Open the AccountRight Folder.
      6. Open the Version folder (E.g: 2018.4)
      7. Open the Diagnostics Folder.
      8. Copy the Huxley.Application_xxxx.log file to your Desktop to get to it easier.
      You can use the Choose file button on the Reply page to add files to your post as attachments.


      Let us know what you find.