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31 days ago


I know this a nightmare area....I use inventory feature in MYOB accoutright and it used to be very very good....i repeat used to be. I dont need to purchase a whole new inventory system eg Tall Emu just to name one....for the inventory items i manage...its only small between 10 to 30 items as finished goods...but i would love the autobuild function to be re-instated.  That was a great feature, and i am having to do inventory journals to manage my inventory.  Luckily i am able to do that, but then again i am educated and trained to use profession systems not dumbed down software for the untrained to use.... create a new software program for them and leave us with a professional software system that gives us the tools to manage and look after our clients....Again our software has been stripped of many features but yet the pricing has increased.  

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