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2 years ago

Api rate limit

Hi I have built a driver that connects to the api. I added an off the shelf rate limiter to it. I have checked and can confirm that it is working.


However my process dies with a rate limit exceeded error. It does that before it even reaches the 8th call let alone 8 per second.


It typically dies after around 5 calls (including the authentication calls themselves - one to get a token and one to get company url then three more). I even throttled it back to just three a MINUTE and STILL got that error.


No other app is using this key. I'm using a single key and single token.


I assume your logic can't be simply 8 in a given second or you would need to receive 8 calls before throwing an error.


what's the condition please?




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  • Good Morning Peter and thank you for your post.


    I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can gain access to the resources you need for assistance connecting with MYOB Advanced. 

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      Unfortunately I am integrating for our own business so I am not an ISV Developer. We need to be able to integrate MYOB for our internal use but the APIs but they appear to be broken?