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5 years ago

Working remotely with MYOB AO / AE

This is a question we get asked occasionally - and even more so at the momemt due to Covid-19, and the latest annoucnements from many of the state governements.


Accountants Office, and Accountants Enterprise are desktop Client/Server applications.  There are components that reside on your server - such as the SQL server, various Service applications, such as Lodgement and Backup services - and then there are workstation componets that are installed on your workstation to interact with the server components.


because of the nature of the application, the workstation softrware must be on the same network as the server components.


There are a few ways you can do this working from home - such as :

  • Remote Desktop Connections to a Remote Desktop Server or individual workstations in your practice
  • Remote Connectivity applications such as TeamViewer
  • VPN connections

We've written a Knowledge Base article that provides some ansers and provides a little more detail.  you can find the Working remotely in AE/AO and our financial hardship policy  has a stack of info.


Please - if you have more questions regarding working from home in these trying times, please ask them here and we will do what we can to answer them - however note that MYOB (either on the forum or via telephone suport) does not provide support/design/setup for your IT infrastructure.    Ask you questions here - and we and the MYOB Community will do what we can to provide assistance.