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3 years ago

myob business pro questions

ive just gone from Accountright to Business Pro and finding it difficult to do some of the things that were easy to do in Accountright, if anyone can help it would be greatly appeciated.


1) How do I edit an invoice template? it seems I can only add a logo, I need to add bank details to the template, I dont want to use any of the myob payment options.


2) I dont want invoices etc going thru myob, I cant find out how to see when an invoice was emailed, how do I do that? how do i change it so my invoices/statements etc go through my outlook?


3) In accountright I used journal memos so that when doing invoicing reporting I could choose to show the journal memo which gave me information that I cant seem to see on Business Pro reporting?



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    Hi audinary1 


    Sorry to hear that you're facing these problems. These features are not yet available in the browser version, however, the new features are still being implemented and we're working on the user feedback. Thank you for your patience in the meanwhile, we will post an update once anything around the above changes. 

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    Thank you for asking this question!


    You have just saved me from changing from my old V19 to this...when will MYOB get on board with a truly online version of Premier that can be used by mac users?