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3 months ago

Disable Inventory Locations

Is there any option to disable the Inventory Location for mulitple stock locations? 


The Location entry field is not required for Quotes. When converting from Quote to Order, the Location data field becomes a compulsory entry before being able to record. We do not require a location to be input. 


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  • Hi CBAUs 


    This is one of the major drawbacks of adding an inventory location, everytime you want to use an Item, you now need to specify a location.


    If you have not used a location, you can delete it from Lists > Locations. If an added location has been used, it can no longer be deleted. If you want to permanently remove a location that has been used, get in touch with MYOX Services, they can remove. This is not something MYOB will do for you.




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      MYOB Moderator

      Hi CBAUs,


      Thank you for your post.


      Apologies for the delayed response. To the best of my knowledge, MYOB does not provide a direct method to disable inventory locations for multiple stock locations. However, you may find the Help article: Multiple Inventory Locations useful, as it contains information on how to delete locations.


      Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance.