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2 years ago

Mutiple Currency Cannot turn off

Hi Team, We are licensed for a legacy product of AccountRight Enterprise for a few company files but since purchasing AccountRightPlus for one of the companies, our existing version of AR Enterprises is getting constant online confirmation requests and errors. Your Support Team has said we need to install the AR Plus Desktop to continue to use the existing company file without error. I have tried installed AR Plus, but i cannot open the existing file due to multiple currency error. I am unable to untick this in my current file. We may have posted transactions in the post but these were already deleted but we still cannot untick this option. Please advise.

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    Hi SunnieBanh 


    Welcome to the Community Forum. There are a few features in AccountRight Enterprise that are not available in AccountRight Live.


    If you are getting an error when attempting to upgrade that mentions Multicurrency Features, then you will need to go through these pre-upgrade tasks, then try upgrading again: Upgrade a Premier multi-currency company file.


    If you are still unable to upgrade after following the above steps, feel free to send me a screenshot of the error and your serial number by Private Message, so I can have a further look into the issue for you.

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      Hi SamaraM,


      We are geing told my TechSupport we need to install Accountright Plus, obviously Accountright Plus doesnt support Multicurrency so i am getting an error when i try to open our existing file using AccountrightPLus file.


      Is there a work around for this?


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        Hi SunnieBanh 


        As you have found out, you cannot open some AccountRight Enterprise v19 files in AccountRight Plus v19. You need to open the file in AccountRight Enterprise v19 and contact MYOB directly for confirming that file. They seemed to have set your serial number as an AccountRight Plus serial number and this will prevent confirmation as an AccountRight Enterprise v19 file. On top of this MYOB seem to have disabled online confirmation for most users (blaming it on your TLS settings) so one way or another you need to speak to someone from MYOB. 


        Contact me directly to discuss other options.