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2 months ago

Negative Inventory Values: AccountRight



After a fix for negative inventory "current value".  We have 16 on hand of an item and its showing a current value of -$457.28.  I need to write off 16 of the item (as there is 0 physically on hand) and I cant do an inventory adjustment with a negative current value.  The problem is not isolated to the one inventory item.  


AccountRight Plus 2024.2.0  Build 2024.2.1.3




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    Hi AHJS , what qty/value does the item information screen show? The item register display is not always reliable.

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      Hi Mike


      The item says N/A for current value and average cost.

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        Hi AHJS 


        There is no technical reason why you can't adjust onhand down and value up. Generate a Inventory Value Report using 30 June 9998 to get the current on hand quantity and value. Use these as basis for Inventory adjustment journal. If it fails attach screenshot showing your IAJ and IVR as well as message from MYOB.


        Typically N/A appears when there is a value but quantity is 0.