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4 years ago

Revising BAS in MYOB Practice Online

Who was the genius at MYOB that removed the ability to revise BAS's in MYOB practice online?

Could someone please explain how we now go about revising a BAS that was originally created and lodged using that product?

I know the workaround is to amend directly with the ATO, but kind of defeats the purpose of having a good working electronic interface...

Add it to the list of 'developments' that are absolutely mind boggling (removal of ability to bulk edit chart of accounts in Essentials for example) - what is going on at MYOB???


You're making it easier and easier to consider a switch to Xero!


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  • Hi thekenyan 


    Very sorry to hear you haven't had a great experience with the online portal.


    Allow me to explain the difference between the new and old online portal.
    With the old online portal, revisions were allowed to be made due to activity statements not prefilling directly from the ATO. They had to be created and entered manually.
    With the new online portal, a direct link has been created to the ATO's server, meaning you are able to prefill forms automatically. This data includes the figures the ATO are expecting, as well as any activity statements that are outstanding. Unfortunately in this case, once an activity statement has been lodged, the ATO no longer requires it to be lodged (or relodged), which is why revisions are currently not available.


    We do understand that having the option to revise is an important feature to have. We are working currently closely with the ATO to include this feature in future releases for MYOB portal.


    For the time being, any revised activity statment will need to be created and lodged through the AE/AO desktop software.




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      Thanks Sandy_C , I appreciate the response.


      We've been early adopters to online BAS/portal and it's been fantastic from day 1, sadly it seems the more 'upgrades' done to it the less user friendly it becomes.


      I note your solution, and thanks for providing it, but seems a pretty backward step from the whole idea of the online BAS.  Just strange that an upgrade removes something you've acknowledged is important and we have to wait for a future release to see it again.


      Anyway, can't do anything about it for now, at least it's on the radar I guess.


      Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my rant.

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        MYOB Staff

        Hi thekenyan 


        Not at all! You're welcome and thank you for your response.


        I understand where you're coming from. It would be better to have everything under the one system, instead of 2 different places.

        Improvements and updates are being worked on by our product development team, so please keep an eye out on those in the near future.




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