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8 months ago

GST return - how to make a debit adjustment


I'm using MYOB Essentials and my accountant has advised I need to make a debit adjustment on my GST return. There doesn't appear to be any way of doing that as (it's not related to just one previous transaction).  On searching the help menu I can't find any instructions.  Your advice is much appreciated please!


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    Hi Michelle-M,

    Thank you so much for your detailed post and welcome to the Community Forum!

    My apologies for the late response. Data on an MYOB Essentials GST return is derived from the pertinent transactions within that specific period. Therefore, if you find it necessary to make adjustments to these figures, we strongly recommend ensuring that the corresponding transaction is within the same reporting period. An accountant can provide valuable assistance in handling any necessary adjustments.

    Depending on where the value needs to be reflected, you can record a transaction in the GST input/output tax adjustments accounts. Usually, this involves creating a journal entry in the relevant accounts within the intended reporting period.

    If the transaction is not recorded, you will need to manually update the values on the GST return by clicking into the relevant field and making the necessary adjustments. Please be aware that MYOB Essentials does not automatically create a transaction for this change, so this method should be considered a last resort.

    Please do let us know if you have further queries and one of us will be happy to assist you.