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2 years ago

Custom Purchase by Item Report


We are an electrical contracting business in the commercial construction centre doing multi-million dollar projects.

With Greenstar certification becoming more prevalent, we have to as part of our hand over documentation, submit the dollar value for all PVC purchases broken up by type, i.e. pvc pipe, cable etc and conforming or non-conforming.

I currently use a modified (Purchase (Item Detail) report that shows Name, Id No., Date, Job No. Job Name, Quantity and Amount. I select the date range I'm after, pick the products I'm after and then run the report. I then export to Excel to remove the unwanted jobs. My question is, is there anyway to further filter that for a single job?

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    Hi JimA 


    Thank you for your post. There is no option to filter by Job Number, but you could use Custom Lists.


    To do this you would create a custom list with the jobs you want to include on the report, then you would go into additional filters on the report and filter by the custom list you created.

    For instructions on how to do that see our Help Article: Custom lists.


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      Thanks for that.


      The Custom List feature works great for categorising the items. While I was looking at the additional features, I noticed you can filter by ID No: which is perfect for me as I don't use MYOB's auto-numbering system for purchases; I use our job number followed by a 4 digit number, e.g. 123-4567. So to filter by job, I use the ID no: filter and type 123-0000 to 123-9999 as my range.