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2 years ago

Invoice client in USD

I just setup MYOB for the first time. I an unable to find anywhere where I can change an invoice to charge a client in USD.

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  • Hi MLD2 


    Would you mind clarifying what MYOB product you are using? As only our AccountRight Premier product does allow for transactions to be recorded in a foreign currency. Please note: If you are using this product range you do need to go to Setup>>Preferences>>System and enable that preference for multi-currency.


    Should you be using a different product such as the MYOB Invoices app, MYOB Business or AccountRight Plus or below then your best option would be to convert the transaction into the local currency and record as that.

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      I am using MYOB Business. Sounds like the only option is to spend $160 per month for access to foreign currency? As an FYI it looks like Quickbooks charges $37 for the same functionality.