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11 months ago

Negative inventory account balances

Hi I have an item in inventory that has a negative account balance even though the item has had no transactions for in excess of 18 months. We are reonciling the inventory values in preparation for ...
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    10 months ago

    Hi kyleenich 


    While the MYOB scripts may fix unusual inventory item values and on hand counts, they don't usually fix existing transactions. 


    Before you proceed with the suggested Inventory Adjustment Journal, it may pay to get a MYOB consultant well versed in inventory issues in AR2023 to take a closer look at the file to see what has caused this situation. It may well have been caused by an incorrect Item setting, or by an usual transaction, or by using an incorrect item value.


    Without knowing how it was caused you are not going to confidently know how to fix it. Typically if an Inventory asset account is in negative, this means too much COS was shifted from this account to the P&L Cost of Sales account linked to the item(s). If there are no items on hand, an Inventory Adjustment Journal may make things worse. A general journal Dr the Inventory asset account and Cr the linked Cost of Sales is more likely to both fix the account balance and correct an overclaim of costs on the P&L.