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8 years ago

Inventory: Select item from last 4 digits for barcoding

Hi there.

Account Right Premier question.

A handy feature of bar codes entered into the inventory item number field is that anytime the laptop is used without the bar code scanner attached, all we have to do is to enter the last 4 digits of the bar code and the item will come up.

How can we get the same thing happening when in sales? While in sales and last 4 digits of the barcode are entered it will not work the same as in inventory.

Is there another field I need to import into the sales form to make this happen.

This would save so much time like when the scanner does not pick up damaged label. All we need to do is input the last 4 digits and can make the sale smoothly






Above question is what I posted and received a reply why the sales Item number behaves the way it does.

If the Sales item Number could be altered to behave the way it does while in inventory this change alone will enrich the lives of thousands of MYOB users that have less that 600 items in inventory like us.

Many times the scanner will not pick up the bar code and it is time consuming entering 12 digits instead of 4.

We have the product box in front of us and all we have to do is input the last 4 digits of the barcode and the item comes up. This works everytime while in the inventory Item number search. Can search for a particular product either by last 4 digits or with scanner.

Please can this be changed in the salesItem number or we may have to look at another program.


"Changes to sales items column"


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  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2016.3 allows for the user to search for an item with a partial value, for example the last 4 digits of the item number.


    You can find more information into this feature and how to obtain the update on AccountRight 2016.3 now available