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10 years ago

Budget: Show all months on window (no need to scroll)

When the Prepared Budgets window is opened it only shows a portion of the 12 months of the year (Account Name, FY Total and April through to January inclusive) - the February and March months are not viewable unless the user scrolls to the right of the form.  By scrolling to the right you then lose the April and May months from view.  


These days most computer users have fairly large screens (24" throughout our office).  Could we please get this screen/form enlarged to show all months of the year including the Account Name and FY total.  


It would be much better and easier to complete budgets if all the information could be viewed in one screen without having to scroll to the right.


Thank You :)


"AccountRight Live Standard Prepare Budgets Window - show ALL detail (all columns in one view)"


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    Thanks for your suggestion Jo-SCL. It is true that most modern screens would now show all columns on the budget screen, if the form was made bigger. Anyone who would like to see this change made please, cast your vote for this idea.

  • Would be good to be able to enlarge the Budget entry window to show the full 12 months columns. Most new monitors are widescreen and can easily fit a wider viewing window. Currently I can see 10 months, and have to use the scroll/slider bar to see the rest of the data.