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11 years ago

Card: Customer - Move Card ID underneath Name for tabbing flow

When entering new Customers and Suppliers, the Card File does not flow as well as it did in version 19 and prior. The cursor is automatically positioned in the Customer Name field of the Card File, however you then have to go backwards (Shift Tab) to add the Card ID instead of just tabbing down as you were able to do in version 19. You then have to go forward to enter the address. It would make much more sense, in my opinion, to have the Card ID field under the Name field.


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    This was listed as "Under Consideration" over two years ago. Any progress on this being improved in a future update?

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    Thank you for your feedback

    This idea has been placed as Under Consideration. At this stage we don't have a direct time frame for when this particular idea will be placed into development and implemented into the program. However we are still encouraging MYOB Community members who would like to see this included in future releases to vote and comment if required.

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    Hi Everyone

    The Contact ID (Card ID) is listed underneath the company name (or first name/surname field) and then ABN field in the AccountRight Browser interface. This allows for the user to tab into that field after entering the name information of the card.