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6 years ago

Card: Customer - option to enable PDF attachments per customer

At the moment you can either choose to have PDF invoices attached automatically or not, its a blanker choice.  If this were an option on the client card to individually set them, it would work more efficiently due to many companies now requesting invoices sent as PDF.   We don’t have this option chosen for all emails due to the fact, we use the history that can only be collected by the online link to help us when debt collecting to show proof of delivery , printing etc ( you can't say you didn’t get it if you print it..)


"Invoice PDF Choice in client card"


  • I would like to use the emailing invoices feature where a customer has to download the invoice via the link so I can see if the invoice has been downloaded/viewed etc by the customer. However I have one (1) customer that requires the invoice to have the PDF attachment otherwise there system cannot process our invoices. Having this option for one customer then makes every other customer the same.


    I know at this stage this is not an option to do, but like the option to send either a statement and/or a copy of an overdue invoice, I would like the option on how the invoice is sent on a customer by customer basis.


    Can this be considered in a future upgrade?

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      A year and a half later, still no improvement on this. I too would like this option. I would also like to be able to set payment terms for each supplier indicvidually as well.