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11 years ago

Card: Customer - Update Customer Since field when invoice is first recorded

I think MYOB should automatically record the "Customer Since" date when the first invoice is recorded.  Or at least have the option to do this.  


The field is very handy but it is a pain to complete.


"Customer Since" date is modified when first invoice is recorded"


  • When entereing a new customer why is the "customer since" area in history not populated automatically?


    We seem to have lost this field information some time during upgrades on the older clients as well

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for your suggestion, an option to have the Customer Since Field auto fill with the date when you record your first Invoice for that Customer certainly sounds like a convenient idea. Please make sure to vote on this suggestion if you'd like to see it added in.
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    Also this field io not included in the card details report.  This is an oversight that should be corrected.

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    It makes sense to populate this field when first sale is recorded rather than having to remember to go out of sales and into Cust Maintnence. Certainly has my vote.

    An further enhancement to the Cust History would be to add a field "No. of Sales" which is updated appropriately when and invoie or credit note is proessed

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    Customer-Supplier loyalty matters.  Having a column in the CARDS table to record "Customer Since" is very good for marketting generally and for clubs and societies in particular.  However, it's not populated automatically.  As a work-around, I wanted to use AccountRight's import-export procedure to set and populate that column.  However, it's not there, either.


    Could MYOB please add the "Customer Since" column to the import-export options?

    "Add "Customer Since" field to import-export options"