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6 years ago

Email: Ability to use Mozilla Thunderbird

Previous version of MYOB AccountRight 19.9 had support for default email clients/third party email clients (eg. Mozilla Thunderbird).

We have two computers here who both need access to the company file and ability to send quotes/invoices by email. On the previous version, this worked fine. On upgrade to AccountRight 2019.2, one computer kept the ability to send via Mozilla Thunderbird, the other lost it. On discussion with technical assistance, they cannot assist us returning the ability to send via Mozilla Thunderbird. Please please please reinstate this ability in the next update. Please keep us apprised of the timeline.


NB. We have always used Mozilla Thunderbird. We do not have and never have used Microsoft Outlook. Removing the ability to use the default email client is detrimental to the MYOB experience.


"Support for third party email clients"


  • It would be great if I could use Outlook as the email host and still be able to use the pay direct function. Currently I have to use MYOB as the email host and cannot see any of the text in sent emails.

  • Hi Kirsten

    I wasn't impressed about MYOB not working with Thunderbird anymore. Dam rude I think. Wouldn't be easy plus down time... cost etc to changeover.. why would you when it is fine.. I do not want to use Outlook either. There must be 1000s of client that don't use outlook.

    They will want to change this or they could possibly loose some customers.. MYOBs reviews are going to go done even more from there last update. I had other issues from it also


  • Still on the subject of the downgrade of update 2023.2.0. - Thunderbird email not working with MYOB Accountright

    I tried to revert back to a previous version and it wouldn't let me. 

    Additionally I was no longer about to edit invoices. It was a simple setting that I had to change but 1 1/2 hours later. + this issue with the emial now which can't be fixed. Who else has suffered from this downgrade??

    It waited on the phone for 25 minutes and didn't get through at one stage. Had to hang up as I am running a small business and had to work.

    The helpers on the chat or phone are usually good but the waiting is painful. I just wonder if the longer wait times are due to this latest update being a downdate....



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    Thank you for your suggestion. We'll relay your idea/feedback to the relevant team.

  • ElectraQn


    Hi ElectraQn,


    I also have the same problem.   I had posted a help topic about using Thunderbird.  Unfortunately the solution didn't work for me.

    It is so frustrating as we have used Thunderbird with MYOB for years, and all of a sudden (when I upgraded to a new laptop) MYOB is forcing me to use Outlook.  I refuse to have to pay for Outlook (as a small busines) and/or change my business email address...

    Here's hoping there's a solution soon!