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11 years ago

Email: Increase Email Defaults window size

Window Size for typing message in Email Defaults needs to be increased, there is plenty of room on the screen but only a tiny window that makes its incredibly painful trying to change defaul message.


"Window size"


  • Please increase the field size for email messages and card information contact field. 

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    Thank you for the suggestion, Qualityas. We can certainly see the benefit in having a wider window to type up the Email Default messages. You can enter upto 4000 characters in the Invoice Message field in the new AccountRight range, which is an improvement from the classic versions, which only allowed upto 255 characters. The idea to increase the size of the window is currently under consideration. In the meantime you could perhaps use Word to type up the message and copy paste it into the relevant field. Regards, Suja MYOB Support
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    This is the case with alot of the veiwable/ editable  fields.

      eg In items you can enter the suppliers item number but then you cant see it.

    You have a huge page with tiny view fields. It is the same with many of the entry fields. Why is this?