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8 years ago

Forms: Invoices - Show landed WET costs

I work for a wine wholesale company and at present there is no way to show the LUC of a bottle of wine on our invoices (the base price plus 29% WET Tax). This is particulary important for our end users (our customers) as they need to know the cost per bottle for their own reporting purposes. We receive requests for our invoices to show this figure on a daily basis and unfortunately may need to move away from MYOB to keep our own customers happy.


At the moment it is really difficult for our customers to figure out the Landed Unit Cost (LUC) for the wine theyre purchasing.


I would like to suggest that the developers add a field, which can be included when customising reports which would be the "ex tax price + wet. (29%)' For example if a bottle of wine costs $10, I would like it to show:


Ex Tax: $10

Wet Inclusive: $12.90

GST Inclusive: $14.19


Please :)


"Landed Unit Costs (LUC) for Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) to show as line item on invoices"

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  • Agree with Sian

    The current MYOB settings are actually non compliant with the ATO and need fixing immediately