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8 years ago

Forms: Set up of default letterhead to be used for all forms

Master form - Letterhead


There is a need for a master form setup for a letterhead.  


Currently each time you wish to create a new form albeit, a payslip, invoice, statement you have to go to a form and copy and paste (one item at a time, i.e. 1 x logo, 1 x text box).  


This system is outdated and antiquated and needs a fix.  I understand there are different table structures behind the forms, however it is doable in the sense you could leave a section at the top of each form blank so as to access your letterhead.


This way you would setup your letterhead once.  If you applied changes as such, all forms are then incorporated with the change.


I would appreciate being kept abreast of the response to this and community interest in same.



'Customised Forms'


  • We should be able to copy the format of any form in any section eg Invoice and apply it to any other section (eg Purchase Order) and customize it there. This would save a lot of time, because formatting forms is a huge consumer of time and nerves.

  • I hate this too. The way I got around it is by making up a fully detailed letterhead in photoshop then just inserting it into the form as an image so I don't have to copy/paste everything one field at a time.


    Though this worked to get the initial setup done quickly, I'm definitely not looking forward to having to change ALL of them all over again just for an address or phone number change when the time comes.

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    Huge vote for this.

    The entire form design process needs a complete overhaul.

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    Fully supportive of this suggestion.  A minor business change (new phone number) costs hours of effort to apply to all forms.  A major design change takes days.  The form editor is clunky at best so giving us the abiltiy to have a standard template for key business information would greatly simplify our world.