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12 years ago

Forms: Statements - Include job number column

When creating statements, We need a field where we can add in a comment or the job ID/Job Name rather than using the memo field


 "Listing Descriptions in Statement Template"


  • As an Engineering Firm, Job Numbers are used extensively throughout our firm and with our clients. It would be nice to have the Clients Statements referenced with the Job Number against each invoice to assist them (and us). Also for the Receivables Reconciliation Reports - Detail. This could be an extra field in the Show/Hide option?

  • Status changed:
    Hi Hayley, Invoices can include many lines and each line can have separate Job ID's, whereas currently Statements present just the total outstanding frpm the invoice i.e. they aren't as detailed as invoices. We would need to understand a bit more about the situation - do you have multiple Job codes per invoice? Do you need to print other line item details on Statements? What do others think, would it be useful to be able to include line item details on Invoice statements?
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    Being a consultancy firm, job numbers are extensively used and are the main focus with our reporting and  our clients use as a reference when dealing with us. Our clients are asking for our invoices and statements to include job numbers.


    We would like to see Client statements & invoices etc to show the job number they relate to etc.

    Currently we export into excel and manually add.