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10 years ago

In Tray: Specify email address to send document from

This is a nice function but it would be far more powerful if the email address we send Bills from could be specified, or better still have muliple addresses (rather than the MYOB log in email).


I'm sure most companies have a set up with multiple email addresses. While my personal address is conected tothe MYOB account, which is used for all correspondents, we have an accounts@address where bills are exclusively sent to and it is from here that I wish to forward bills to bills@myob etc to be added to the intray - better still an automated forwarding rule could be set up to save further time,


"emailing invoices to in tray"


  • I am eager to use the intray system but have 3 online files. I am advised that I cant use the intray because it is linked to my (single) MYOB logon. Why can't the intray functionality be linked to the email of the company file in setup>Company Iformation. That way intrays can be made distinguishable across multiple company files with the same MYOB logon?

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      I'm not sure of your question - I work with many more than three on-line files, all linked to my one email. I can use the In-tray in all of those files without any issues! The process is the same - upload the document from within the correct file and it all works like clockwork!

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      BASnBusiness there is a capability in "InTray" where you can just forward the invoice from your emails to a specific myob email address and it will automatically add it to the in tray. If you have multiple files all linked to the one email address you cannot use the email function, as Paul1970 is saying.


      Paul1970 I think it's a brilliant idea and am eagerly awating it!


  • Why don't the In Tray's have their own unique email address?


    As it stands, i would say the email function for getting invoices into your purchases 'in Tray' is almost pointless. The only people who can use this are people who only have 1 business. Most accountants and bookeepers have multiple files and therefore still have to manually drag and drop. 


    As an accountant i receive hundreds of supplier invoices on behalf of clients, i then have to manually open these invoices to see which client they relate to then manually drag and drop them into the right MYOB File. This is slow and outdated and clogs my emails. 


    With my XERO Clients, each of their 'In Trays' has its own unique emial address which i have given to my clients suppliers which means their invoices are sent directly to their acocunting file and await my allocation there.


    Not only do i not get 1,000 emails in my work email every months end, the invoices are already in the correct clients file awaiting allocation without any maual sorting or dragging and dropping whatsoever. 


    Let's get this up and going with MYOB PLEASE!!!!!


    Harry W

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    Just had a client who has multiple company files and wanted to streamline their invoicing by having the supplier invoices emailed directly to the in tray.

    Unfortunately the account has multiple online files so any emails sent to the address will not know which in tray to send to.

    It would be awesome if there was a way to determine which file recieved the bill that could be filtered by the company file ID number, this would mean all invoices could be emailed to one email address and forwarded to the bills@myob.com email address with the file ID number it is in regards to and then forwarded to the In tray of each file.

    Thank you :)

  • Status changed:

    Hi VRoth 

    Thank you for your idea in regards to continuing development of the In Tray feature.

    Currently you are only able to email the documents for the In Tray from an email address that has access to the a company file in the cloud.  This is because it links the email address that you are using to the my.MYOB account which in turn links to the company file.

    A workaround if you did have multiple email address that you wish to email from you would be to invite your other email address to the company file. For more information into inviting a user please Support Note: AccountRight - online user invitations


    I would encourage other users that would like to see the ability to specific a non setup my.MYOB email address to email In Tray documents to to vote and comment if required.

  • Our log in is also different to the email address which supplier invoices are emailed to.  

    By the time I save the invoices, upload them, then hope the information recognition function works, which often it doesn't, I find its generally quicker to enter the invoice manually - 

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    It would also be useful if, when sending the email, we could specify which MYOB file it should be attached to. My email address is linked to two company files which means I cannot use this function at all. I have to manually drag and drop files to the in tray every time.

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    Status changed:

    Hi All!


    Sorry for the belated Status Change - With the release of AccountRight 2018.3 you can generate your own unique, secure email address for In Tray. You can forward invoices directly to your In tray from any email address, as if you were sending it to another person.


    You can read more on the Announcement of this Feature on this Announcement Post: AccountRight 2018.3 now available




    MYOB Product Team


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