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11 years ago

Installation: Allow Partners to work on multiple versions without installing older versions

Bookkeeping firms with multiple clients need the ability to work on different versions of files without having to upgrade them.


Currently when a new client turns up with their typically out-of-date MYOB company file, there is no easy way to work on this company file if the desktops all have current releases of software installed on them. It is not possible for example to install different versions of Plus 19.x side-by side on the same PC.


For example, a new client hands over their Plus 19.6 MYOB file. Inside the bookkeeping business the desktops have the lastest Plus 19.9 installed.


The options are;

1. Uninstall Plus 19.9 and install Plus 19.6 to work on their company file. This typically involves IT and is not flexible. Our bookkeeepers work on many different client files every day.

2. Upgrade the MYOB file to Plus 19.9 and have the client either pay for a one off upgrade to the latest version (with the same issue repeating down the track) or signup to a maintenance program.

3. Maintain multiple real or virtual desktops with different versions of Plus installed on each.

4. Change the serial number license associated with the company file to use the partner licenses which are up-to-date and then deal with the handover of the file later on. This appears to be the cheapest solution but if the client wants to work on their premises at the same time, this doesn't work.


All of these have financial implications and whilst it is logical that MYOB would prefer the 2nd option, the question is, is it reasonable for the bookkeepers to have put the pressure on their _new_ client to upgrade their MYOB software.


I suspect some accounting firms may be in a similar position, but accounting firms may not need to hand the file back to the client after they have worked on it.


MYOB need to value their partners and come up with a satisfactory solution to this problem.


I have posted this 'idea' as requested by the representive I spoke to yesterday who couldn't provide me a solution to this issue.





"Allow bookkeepers to work on multiple versions of MYOB files from one desktop"