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5 years ago

Integration: Office 64 bit

We have recently updated our computers and are now using Outlook 64 bit.  I've since found out that MYOB is only compatible with Outlook 32 bit and NOT 64 bit, which means I'm unable to email invoices, statements, pay slips, etc.  After speaking with MYOB tech support, I find out its not even in the pipeline.  We need this feature desperately.  When is MYOB going to address this????




"MYOB - Outlook 64 bit"


  • When are you going to enable export to MS Office (Excel) 64bit? This is so frustrating! The problem has been there for years yet still no resolve. The import/export range is weak, for such a high profile software platform there should be far more choice and ability in this area. Column selection in many layouts is limited ... why? There should be full selection of fields. And there are many other instances of swearing at the software ... I've had several software developers say MYOB looks looks good but that's it, I agree. Have been thinking about it for a year now, am so over it - so close to moving to Xero.

  • It is now well overdue to have a 64 bit version of MYOB available. When the current version of operating system requires 64 Bit than you have already left it too late. Windows 10 is earmarked for End Of Life in 2025. Hopefully you will have it worked out before then.


    Its now at the point were it is becomming too difficult to implement MYOB.

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    Hi Rastas,

    Thanks for sharing your Idea. I've passed this to the corporate team and we'll be posting an update once this feature becomes available. 

    Feel free to post again if you have further queries and one of us will be happy to help.