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7 years ago

Inventory: Copy current highlight item number

Current functionality on the Item List includes Right Click and "Copy list to Clipboard".


Can we also have "Copy current Item Number to Clipboard" so we can quickly paste that number into a Sale or Purchase?


Given the existing functionality, this doesn't seem to be a major effort to implement and it would improve the usability of the Inventory enormously.


It would be even better if we could "Add current Item Number to current Sale " and "Add current Item Number to current Purchase", but given we might have several Sales or Purchases open at a time, I can see this might be problematic.


Why requested?


  • The Item search capability within Sales and Purchases is very poor - we can search on two 30-character fields (Number and Name) that can carry, at best, limited information.
  • With the AccountRight 2018.1 release and the ability to add additionl columns to the Item List, we've gained enormous additional functionality to search for Items in the Item List - thank you!!!
  • Finding an item is now amazingly quick.  However - what can we do with it then?  Most often, we want to add the Item to a Purchase or Sale and there is no quick way to do that.
  • To get the Item Number in any useful way, we need to open up the item and then copy the number into the clipboard.  This is a several extra steps that take time (even with fastest networks and computers) and adds no further value.
  • Being able to find an Item and add its number to the Clipboard would be a huge benefit (we've pushing 4000 items in our Inventory so anything that helps us find and use those items more efficiently is a bonus).


 "Copy MYOB Number of currently highlighted Item in Item List to Clipboard"

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