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3 years ago

Inventory: Increase Description field character limit

Are we able to increase character limit for item description? say another 10


"Increase Description character limit - currently 255"


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    Please, please enable this box enable to more text. This is the only field where you can type valubale information on an item and more than often we cannot fit in what we need. I have heard this issue mentioned multiple times so I thought I would put it on here.


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      Would also be handy to have tracking and reporting/exporting of these comments.  Would suggest a TABLE is best here: fields:  date;comment;action date etc.  I have logged a NEW IDEA as we need to track employee visa status and expiry date.  And this is only place we can do this.  Again a TABLE is needed to track visa status, visa type, expiry date, reminder due date (options to set before expiry date occurs)

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      We need to Inventroy Item Descriptions longer than 255 characters.

      We use these for our sales/quotes and invoicing.

      Currently we are having to copy and paste description into the quote which is slow, and in 2022 crazy.

      We need to be able to select the product into the quote with its full description, quickly and effiently.


      I see there have been a number of people asking for the same over many years.


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    Hi activemobility ,


    Just to clarify, are you referring to the description field on the Item's Item Details tab? If yes, it allows the entry of 255 characters. Can you elaborate more on what you are trying to achieve and why that isn't enough? Many thanks.

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