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7 years ago

Jobs: Increase job name character limit

The length of the Job Name field is too short, and doesnt allow us to enter a suitable name.

Would be better if would allow 80-100 characters.


"Job Name - length of name string is too short"

30 Character 2018.2

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  • Job ID is limited to 15 Characters and we have a need to increase this to at least 24 Characters however is should match the Item ID and Activity ID Fields which is 30 charaters.

    We process jobs for NDIS and other government bodies which has on average 17-24 characters job codes. Yet we are required to have to recategorise these into an additional convention only to cause undue processing and complications. This should be a easy and effortless fix MYOB.

    In support of increasing the Job ID character field to equal that of Activity ID/Item ID some services are a Job in themselves so this allows for that Activity ID to be copied quickly and easily into Jobs without having to reinvent a shorter convention.