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10 years ago

Jobs: Reimbursable amounts recorded under purchase orders

Myob doesnt show outstanding Reimbursables that havnt been recorded for job numbers

Its very easy to miss reimbursing a part or service on a pended Purchase order when recording an Invoice to a customer as they do not show up on the reimbursables list for that customer or job number 


duhh pretty important 


Another issue that has been around forever with myob and still hasnt been addressed

Its a big problem for the business as sometimes you need to do a customers invoice before all the suppliers Invoices have been input and unless you know there are still pended invoices for that job number then they can get missed even though the parts are allocated a job number and that job number is allocated to the customer


A VERY expensive problem that the program should be helping with 


The computer knows that the part has been allocated just doesnt know to tell you 

The reimbursable list should show recorded and pended orders for the customer and differentiate them for you

Another thought for the evening while im doing some invoicing 

Also can anyone tell me why the reimbursables window is soo slow to come up 

Can take up to 3-5 minutes at times 


0404 464 421


"Rimbursables in invoicing"

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    Hi DazzaB,


    Thank you for your feed back.


    Currently it is the Job that has a flag to say if an expense is reimbursable or not. This does mean any expenses that are not allocated to a Job with Track reimbursables ticked won't show in the list.


    I will note that this is how the Classic series handled the reimbursables as well.


    I do encourage others that would like to see a change to how reimbursables are handled to add your vote and comments.