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5 years ago

Locations: Include field on Item invoice forms

We have moved from Enterprise to Accountrite but struggling that now we cannot add locations fields to our Invoices or to Purchase orders.  We need this so our freight company knows which location to pick items from.  Also for our Supplier to know what location goods are to be delivered to.


Plus we need to be able to add location field to reporting in sales and item sales.


"Locations Management - Forms/Reporting"


  • We are also struggling with this issue having upgraded from Enterprise. We run warehouses in multi-locations but invoice from a central location so need to be able to specify location of items on invoices, quotes, packing slips etc. It is a total nightmare trying to sort this without being able to display the location on the invoice like we previously could. 

  • I don't know how you can say Accountrite Premier has multi locations when this is not operating correctly.  I would hope there is a fix coming SOON to address this part of the program - which would links staff at (2 to five) locations of items near their working location.   Therefore allowing sales/purchases to linked to those locations and have the flexibility to withdraw or add to item stock holdings.  If a customer invoice layout is set to timebilling you can't select the location but if the customer invoice layout is set to item you can select the location to withdraw stock.  Big down fall in the linking of invoice layouts to customers when preferences are set in time billing to add items, yet you can't select the location when adding items.  Real time waster changing location defaults when processing a time billing from a different default location.

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    I have had numerous requests for this as well.

    Please add the location field to the item invoice custom form