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11 years ago

Lock period: Only allow for transactions to be entered between x dates

I think this should be changed to ALLOW DATES, - being  01/06/2013 to 30/06/2013 - that way no invoices could be

incorrectly dated into the wrong year or forward dates. If you want to post date an invoice a password is necessary.



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    For forward dates on transactions MYOB already displays a warning message that you are attempting to use a future date.

  • I can see the need for this where you are processing a previous month and want to ensure that an entry is not accidentally dated with this month's date. 


    A neat way to do this is to have two dates, one as being the earliest date and the other being the latest date.  Either would be optional so that you can nominate the start, the finish, both or neither.


    This would not replace the warning message when you are entering a forward date entry.  Although, some people may even prefer this to be an optional warning too?

  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your suggestion on adding an allow period, we're happy to consider this, to see the demand for this idea it would be great to see some votes showing support. In the meantime there is a lock period for past dates and, as Tom has suggested, the system does warn you when you try to record a future dated transaction.
  • It would be great if you can lock future periods in MYOB. For example some staff here accidently record transactions dated 2018... We are currently in May 2016 so if I could lock all past up to 31/3/16, then lock future transactions from 1/7/16, that would be perfect.