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11 years ago

MYOB Invoices (app): iPad app

I reallly really really want an ipad app to use. Please get it happening... need it NOW...Anxiously waiting for news... 

As is many  others.


"ipad  app"


  • Status changed:
    Coming Soon
    Thanks for your post. A mobile AccountRight application is currently in development. If you would like to let us know what functionality is important to you in a mobile application, please provide further comments.
  • Dear iPad Lover,


    Some of the Add-on-solutions already provide some iPad connectivity to MYOB.



    Our sofware, Business Intelligence for MYOB, runs in a browser so can be used from an iPad to access and report on a number of areas in MYOB including:

    - P&L (with drill down to transasctions)

    - Sales and Orders in summary or detail by Item, Customer, invoice etc

    - Inventory on hand

    - Purchases

    - Jobs

    - Debtors

    - Creditors


    Very handy for Sales reps and others on the go.


    Let me know if we can help you at all.


    Jennifer Kelly CA


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    Status changed:
    Coming Soon
    We are proud to say our Pay Direct app is now available for iOS and Android devices. This enables you to manage your contacts as well as create and send invoices on the go. It also integrates with our Pay Direct service which allows you to take credit card payments from your iOS or Android device. http://myob.com.au/paydirect-1257831727970 As Jennifer has mentioned in the comment above, our API also gives third party developers the ability to create their own mobile applications that integrate with AccountRight. You can see some of what’s available now here: http://myob.com.au/addons/category/27/mobile/